Using Automation in the Lab

This website will be concerned primarily with the use of automation in the lab and how it has helped advance this field. There are many levels to lab automation and these will be discussed here in detail. I hope to build a resource that people will rely on to provide them with the knowledge they need to explore this subject. The terminology used on this website will be aimed at those already working in the industry but most of these terms can be checked using a dictionary.


Try not feel daunted by the subject matter used here but instead embrace the theories outlined. I am not going to pretend to know everything about automation and robotics used in the laboratory but I do feel that together we can learn a lot. There are very few information blogs on the Internet that focus primarily on this field, so I hope to provide the scientific community with something different.


I have been using this technology for over twenty years and have dealt with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies on the planet. With this in mind, I want to help others learn more, while also building up relationships with others in the community. I hope you enjoy this website and continue to enjoy it in the future.

I will make myself available to anyone who wants to discuss this subject and would like to take advantage of my vast knowledge. I want the Euro Phamili blog to be more than just another information website. I really do want to build-up a community of like minded people that can bounce ideas off one another and come to some ground-breaking conclusions. I want to finish off by welcoming everyone to my blog and I hope we spend a lot of time together, putting the world to rights on this field.