I always find it very difficult when trying to write about myself and what I have achieved. When carrying out such a task, you need to be humble and not sound like you are narcissistic in anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of everything I have achieved in life, it is just I feel very uncomfortable talking about it. Anyway, I think I’ve waffled on enough, now it’s time to tell you all a little about myself.

I was born in Derbyshire in June 1964, which seems an age ago when I write it down like that. My Dad was an engineer who worked at the local car manufacturing plant and my Mum was a housewife, who raised us almost single hand-idly. From an early age I had a profound interest in robotics and automation, using every opportunity I had to go to the local picture house and watch sci-fi movies. I suppose it was this early interest that fueled my desire for a career in lab automation. I know you are thinking that there are way more interesting fields of automation but I’ve always found the intricate methods used in carrying out laboratory experiments fascinating.

In 1978 I studied engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University and achieved a First Class Degree with honors. Following this, I was excepted to study a masters in kinetic engineering at the same university. I found this type of Engineering very challenging but also very enjoyable. Some of the experiments I was working on was deemed cutting edge at the time and I was well received in my field for the work I undertook in this field. Once I graduated from here I started working for local engineering firm, that specialized in laboratory machines. Although most of these were not robotic in nature, it helped me get a better job in the same industry.

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